I woke up today and as usual the first thing I do is ready emails, text messages and of course Facebook.  After all I am from the east coast and my people have been up for hours.  And it struck me…..

Yesterday, all students from NBHS received the sad news that one of our mentors, Coach Vincent Ascolese died at the age of 77 and I have been watching everyone friends and schoolmates alike leave condolence messages all over FB.  And it got me thinking.  What a rich life this man, a simple teacher, from a relatively small town lived.  I mean he touched lives from one generation to the next.  Not only my graduating class but many others before and after us.  He truly lived what we call a rich life.

So what do we consider rich?  Well, I for one, consider rich to be very different than my siblings do.  I have a brother who really and truly considers money to be the root of family and happiness.  And thank God he has it.  The other works very hard to reach a leave of the first sibling and fails constantly which makes him frustrated and sad.

Yet, I consider myself much richer than they are by leaps and bounds.  I live a modest life, always have.  I don’t vacation in Hawaii or the Keys, never have.  I have struggles every month to meet the financial demands of a family as large as mine.  I live with my husband, kids, brother in law and my dad….oh yeah and my 3 pups……and I feel that I have a VERY rich life.  Because on a daily basis, these 5 people (who drive me to drink) make my life better.  I touch their hearts, egos (sometimes), make them think about the future and they touch my soul.

Sure, there are days where I want my brother-in-law to get the hell out of my house, my kids to move on already and my dad ….well I have a while with that one.  I want to be left alone.  But for the most part this is my family, my nucleus and without them I would be lost.

Sometimes we think we don’t make a difference in life.  That no one would notice if we weren’t around.  And yet, look at this Coach, he was “just” a teacher but he moved hundreds if not thousands of students.  Maybe saved more than 1 from a stupid move or a life changing mistake.

So what makes you rich?  What makes your life one worthwhile?  For me……it is….


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