My 1st Blog Post – EVER !!!!!!

This is my very 1st blog, EVER!!!!  What does someone like me know about blogging? ….Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

After all, I know almost nothing about computers.  I am the girl who slams the mouse on her desk as she and screams “What the hell is wrong with this damn computer!?!?”  To which my children reply, “Well for one thing you just broke the mouse and you hit the internet button and shut it off”  My reaction….. I Blush, giggle and say  “OH”

I learned to type in a class room in North Bergen, NJ.  I was amazed at the exciting new-ish technology we were allotted.  An electric typewriter. OOOOO so fast.  LOL.  Now my children play with typewriters like it was a toy dinosaurs.  A relic of a past that has been long forgotten.  A time that lives in my heart as the best time ever.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a republican or democrat and I have often stated that I am a Latina American but I have to say the 80’s were the best time ever.  Something our children will never fully understand.  A time when we played records, songs that were about  love not sex.  Remember “Let’s talk about sex” HAHAHA it was so nasty, it was so forward.  Compared to the Anaconda song that was tame.  Embarrassingly childish.

I long for those days, that way of thinking and living.  When girls actually worried about losing their virginity so more than losing their cell phones.  When the definition of sex included oral. And teenagers, respected their parents enough or maybe feared them, not to post naked pictures or almost naked pictures on Facebook. OK I know, I sound like those people I often laughed at…..those “OLD” people that would often say that yesterday was so much better than today.

Was it?  After all today’s technology has taken us to places we only dreamed of in SiFi movies such as Star Trek and Star wars.  Bluetooth looks like Lt O’hora’s ear piece, and flip phones were Captain Kirk’s communicators.  Siri was the computer in 2001 Space Odyssey, so on and so on.

But what did we gain?……sure a shit load of things that make our life easier.  Such as GPS, without it my husband would have never found my house when we were dating.  No matter how many times he had already been there.  And microwaves so I can defrost steaks that I forgot to leave out thawing and oh and let’s not forget the rumba, we ladies need a robot to clean our floors until Rosy the Robot really gets invented.

But what did we really gain? A bunch of kids that can’t remember their home address or telephone # in case of an emergency.  I know I can’t.  I lost my purse once and I couldn’t call anyone to tell them I needed a ride because for the life of me I could remember anyone’s phone # except and Aunt in California who has not changed her number for over 20 yrs. Or children that don’t go to the public library to do research, because computers are in the home.  I hated taking all those nickles so i can copy the research books that I needs for my homework, but it taught me how to research for the right answers and didn’t just give them to me or Google them….you know?

I once remember sending my kids outside to play, like I did as a child.  I told them to go and have fun.  They literally stood in front on our window pane asking to be let back inside.  They didn’t know what to do.  I had to go outside and show them how to play and how to make up games and not just to them but to their friends.  My house was the ONLY house on the block without a video game console.  I didn’t like what the kids looked & sounded like while they playing them.  I insisted my kids play board games and they had fun.  They learned other things other than killing fictitious people.

My daughter has actually read the internet postings and believes half the BS that is on there.  It kills me to see what it could be done with that wealth of information and is not.

Look I am not saying that technology is bad, god knows it is great.  But what I am saying is that if we as a society not just parents take a good look at what is going on, what kids are reading.  And make sure that they use it for learning.  Play a real game once in a while….such as Monopoly, a long one but a good one.

One of the things that I insist even now that my children are adults (yes they still live with me) is that we must have dinner together and have a conversation about w

hat did you do today, make fun of each other, laugh, talk about what happened in the news.  I am not saying every night but as often as possible.

OK that was my 1ST BLOG……feels good.  Stay tuned……I have allot more shit to say …….









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